• Society of Stitchers 2024 - LAND

    Society of Stitchers 2024 - LAND

    2024 was the 9th Anniversary of the Society of Stitchers and our Biggest group yet! We had over 70 stitchers join us during the darkest months of winter to learn the basics of embroidery. Some of these stitchers have been with us since the very beginning, and the stitching and projects have grown! It is our 5th year working with the Department of Illumination on this project.
    This year we talked about the idea of home and LAND and included guest speakers on topics such as land acknowledgment and geology. The pieces and patches will be assembled into a quilt at the end of April - I cant wait to show you the final result!

    Be sure to follow along on Socials @SocietyofstitchersPEC



    I was awarded an Arts in the Community Grant from the Prince Edward County Arts Council and I ran a community art program exploring the idea of protest banners and messaging. I’ve got to hand it to my participants - many who had never sewed before! These banners and the discussions that came out of our 8 sessions together will be displayed on Picton Main St. I can’t wait to see how we can continue to begin conversations about change and community!
    Special thanks to the Department of Illumination for their awesome studio space!

  • All Aboard - Critical Mass Residency Port Hope

    All Aboard - Critical Mass Residency Port Hope

    Krista Dalby!
    I was once again lucky enough to work with Krista Dalby and our favourite material Cardboard. This summer we moved to Port Hope and into the tiniest train station where we created a completely immersive and interactive world based on the idea of "Place". What makes a building or place significant? Is it the history? Memories? Architecture? or something else completely...
    It was amazing to work with our new friends at Critical Mass and learn all about Port Hope.
    Check out this video to hear us talk more and see our awesome Cardboard heads in action!
    All Aboard Video

  • 100 Proof - Show Opening

    100 Proof - Show Opening

    Someone cracked open my skull and pulled out all sorts of my weird thoughts from the past year - and I painted them onto wooden shapes.
    I am trying something new and encouraging the audience to play with the shapes and create their own collages. How do these forms go together, and what happens if they are sorted differently?

    Each piece will be priced affordably to encourage folks to buy a collection & create their own narrative. Art should be priced fairly and accessibly, down with elitism! If we all can't afford art we are the ones who suffer.

    Please visit Carbon Art Gallery in Downtown Picton June 2-26, 2022.

  • Hydra - A Parade on Water

    Hydra - A Parade on Water

    Ahhh....Covid-19. So many Lockdowns...
    Luckily I found myself in a bubble with Krista Dalby, head of the Department of Illumination. We were invited to create a float for Hydra - A Parade on Water with Kingstons Calliope Collective. We worked together around Shutdowns and Lockdowns and eventually created and floated this 13ft sculpture in the St Lawrence River near Kingston.

    This fish diverted over 300 plastic laundry jugs from landfill and will be exhibited at the Firelight Lantern Festival and in the 2022 Hydra Parade.

    Read more here:
    Hydra 2021

  • Looking Out - Looking Up

    Looking Out - Looking Up

    What a Long, Strange Trip this Summer...So many cancelled festivals.
    Hope you are all doing well after this Covid-19 summer. We were shut down for the spring which meant I had more time for embroidery.

    While keeping social distance bubbles I was able to participate in a few public art projects this Summer. "Looking Out, Looking Up" featured embroidery and painted window boxes that tried to capture the many emotions that I saw through my screens and windows during Lockdown. Thanks to a generous grant awarded thru the Prince Edward County Arts Council I was able to display these pieces throughout the Main Street of Picton.

    I also participated in an important group show called "Intersections" where artists explored the concept of anti-racism. My piece encouraged viewers to address systemic racism through changing their language choices. Trash words used out of habit that encourage racism and replace them with kinder, stronger word choices.

    Looks like we may be forced inside again as the number increase.
    Remember everyone - Wash your hands and cancel your plans!

  • Gettin Stitchy With It

    Gettin Stitchy With It

    Back in Prince Edward County and the Creativity here never ceases to amaze me!

    I am part of a new Outdoor Installation Art Project Called ICE BOX. I am working the The Department of Illumination(Click Here for the whole Schedule! ICEBOX ) as one of the 5 key artists to bring you Interactive Art installations on the grounds of the Macaulay House Museum in the Heart of Winter.

    Each artist has been given a 10x10 Hut, similar to the Ice fishing huts you see dotting the Bay of Quinte each Winter. We are given free reign to create interactive and intriguing art installations in our hut. ICE BOX is Free and family friendly and will be in place February 2 - 10, 2019.

    More on my hut later - but as you can imagine there will be plenty of furry woodland creatures combined with inspiration I have taken from the artefacts in the collections at Macaulay House Museum and the surrounding forest on Macaulay mountain.

    Part of ICE BOX is Community engagement. I have been hosting a Drop-in embroidery group called the ICE BOX Society of Stitchers. With over 100 participants over 6 evenings in January, its been an amazing and inspiring way to prepare for my ICE BOX installation.

  • Springtime in Quebec

    Springtime in Quebec

    The best part of a Canadian Winter is when it ENDS...
    Nothing beats springtime in Canada. The snow recedes and the earth reawakens. I've planted an herb garden and I've put down my quilts (for a minute) to focus on a more patio friendly activity - Embroidery!
    I'm hand embroidering back patches - using line and colour - to create works of art to be worn or displayed on the wall. The traditional Back patch for a a Denim jacket or vest is great. Im not sure what to do about round images though...

    I also have started taking custom orders for Quilts or Embroidery - lets see what the public wants...

    Talk soon,

  • Making a New Home in Wakefield, Quebec

    Making a New Home in Wakefield, Quebec

    So I have relocated to beautiful Wakefield, Quebec. I am taking a break from my Innkeeping job and I hope to spend my days focusing on my artwork. I have already made some new quilt based wall hangings. I was sure to pack my paint and there is plenty of inspiration in all the natural beauty that surrounds me.
    I'll be updating my etsy site and this website with new work as I complete it.
    Thanks for checking in and seeing what I've been upto.

  • New Year New Work

    New Year New Work

    Wow! its 2016!
    So I haven't updated my website far too long...
    I have been busily creating work (as always). I have mainly been creating craft and focusing on screen printed works for sales. I don't usually post my craft work on this website, but is is usually available in my Etsy shop or at www.sparkboxstudio.com where I do my print work.

    I hope to make some new fine art works this year, and the winter and spring are the perfect times to get things done - a fresh start!

  • Coat of Arms 2013

    I had a great winter working with Spark Box Studio creating a new series of wooden work. My dad bought me a Scroll Saw for Christmas this year and I see lots of potential for wooden work in both my art and craft work.

    Follow my progress on the SparkBoxStudio Blog.

  • *Blog-Jacking - Fresh and Clean*

    Check-out my friend Kellys Blog for a sneak behind the scenes preview of my upcoming show!
    Kelly's Shop

  • "Fresh & Clean - Nell Casson and Melanie Taylor"

    Hi! Well Spring has Sprung! and I have been busy making some new Spring Screenprints with watercolour details. I'm excited to be showing with my good friend Melanie Taylor for the entire month of April 2011.

    The opening reception is at Spark Box Studios - 204 Main St. Picton, ON. (Armoury Mall 2nd Floor) Thursday, April 7, 3pm - 8pm. everyone is welcome, all ages! The show runs April 1 - 30, please feel free to stop by anytime.

    Thanks for visiting my site.

  • *Maple in the County*

    Look for me this March at the Maple Marketplace, March 26 - 27, 2011 above Books and Co. in beautiful Downtown Picton, ON. For more information please check out Maple in the County.

    I'll be sharing a table of wood and tree based art with my partner in crafting crime, Chrissy Poitras and our friends from SparkBox Studio. Stop by and say Hi!

  • *Hello - Welcome to my website*

    Thanks for visiting my website. I have just begun creating my web presence as an artist. Please keep stopping in for all the latest news and updates on my process and artistic endeavors!